Private Intuitive Counseling SPECIALS for All ‘Igniting Your Passion TeleSummit’ Listeners

March 26, 2013

Tana Marie provides private, Channeled Intuitive Counseling, addressing all topics of interest, challenge or concern her clients have, including providing specific insight, tools & solutions that her clients can implement immediately.

Sessions are conducted either in person or by phone.

(Please Note: She DOES NOT do Sessions via Email. She receives her Information instantly & it just takes too much time to type the answers. Thanks for understanding!)

You can make an appointment for a session by phone and pay before the           session date, or once payment is received by TM you can call to set the appointment.

    Call: 831 250-8110

    Email: TM@TanaMarie.com 

** TM’s SPECIALS for our Ignite Your Passion TeleSummit listeners:

When you book a 1 HR Session with Tana Marie,

you will receive a 1/4 HR Session for FREE.

If you book a 1/2 HR session,

you’ll receive the Answer to a “One Quick Question” for FREE.

Any of our listeners who purchase my book,

“Isle of Fantasies: Secrets for Creating the Love of Your Life”

or “Heart 2 Heart” will receive a 25% Discount*.

*All you’ll need to do to get your Specials is enter the “Secret Word” you’ll hear during TM’s TeleSummit!

TeleSummit is Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 6 PM PST USA/

Wed, March 27 at 2 AM UK/12 PM Australia.

More Details forthcoming.


   Pay here with PayPal for Sessions

For TeleSummit Listener’s Specials Only

on or after March 26, 2013


Isle of Fantasies: Secrets for Creating the Love of Your Life

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Pay with PayPal:

Pay with PayPal: